Granular Fertilizers

Fertikom - Fertilizers of Komotini apart from conventional types of granular fertilizers, for basic or top fertilization, maintains in its portfolio also dense types with or without trace elements suitable for the effective fertilization of all crops. Moreover, following closely the requirements of a modern plant nutrition, offers to the farming world technologically advanced fertilizer series enriched with nitrification inhibitor (Fertislow Smart) & urease inhibitor (Fertislow Stabilure). Raw materials for all granular fertilizers that we produce are of excellent quality and carefully selected from the best international houses and traders. Our company has of course the possibility of producing and distributing granular fertilizers in big bags.

Water Soluble Fertilizers & Trace Elements

Water-soluble fertilizers of Fertikom (Fertigold series) are the result of collaboration with major companies specializing decades in the research of water-soluble plant nutrition products. They are completely free of foreign materials, with excellent solubility in severe conditions and therefore suitable for providing nutrients even to the most demanding crops. Besides the Fertigold series, we distribute all types of water-soluble raw materials such as potassium nitrate, magnesium nitrate, urea phosphate etc. As regards to trace elements, Fertikom offers its partners a variety of products such as borax, zinc sulfate etc.

Liquid Fertilizers

In the area of liquid fertilizers, Fertikom is a pioneer by offering targeted nutrition solutions with excellent quality and value of return. More specifically, we offer the possibility of a total and effective nutrition or deficiency correction for all crops and growth stages. All products are suitable for foliar applications as well as for drop irrigation and include simple or enriched with trace elements, nitrogen fertilizers, phosphoric-potassium fertilizers, potassium fertilizers, NPK, chelated trace elements, plant energizers enriched with humic and fulvic acids, amino acids and organic products.