Fertislow Smart, Stabilure & Smart Max

Fertislow Smart, Stabilure & Smart Max

granular fertilizer series FERTISLOW SMART, FERTISLOW STABILURE & fertislow smart max

Fertikom - Fertilizers of Komotini in order to meet the needs of a modern nutrition and fertilization of crops, created the following technologically advanced series of granular products enriched with nitrification and urease inhibitors.

FERTISLOW SMART (Products enriched with nitrification inhibitor)

Fertislow Smart 46-0-0 | Fertislow Smart 45-0-0+TE

Fertislow Smart 40-0-0(S) | Fertislow Smart 35-0-0(S)

Fertislow Smart 32-8-0(S)+Zn | Fertislow Smart 30-5-5(S)+Zn

Fertislow Smart 26-5-5(S)+Zn | Fertislow Smart 25-10-5(S)+Zn

Fertislow Smart 24-10-0(S)+TE | Fertislow Smart 20-8-12(S)+B+Zn

Fertislow Smart 15-15-15(S) | Fertislow Smart 12-12-18(S)+Mg


FERTISLOW STABILURE (Products enriched with urease inhibitor)

Fertislow Stabilure

Fertislow Stabilure 46-0-0 | Fertislow Stabilure 40-0-0(S)

Fertislow Stabilure 35-15-0(S)+TE | Fertislow Stabilure 35-6-10(S)+Zn

Fertislow Stabilure 32-8-5(S)+Zn | Fertislow Stabilure 30-12-0(S)+TE

Fertislow Stabilure 30-8-10(S)+Zn | Fertislow Stabilure 28-6-8(S)+Zn

Fertislow Stabilure 25-15-0(S)+TE | Fertislow Stabilure 24-8-12(S)+Mg+TE

Fertislow Stabilure 15-10-15(S)+Mg+B+Zn | Fertislow Stabilure 12-8-18(S)+Mg+TE


FERTISLOW smart max (Products enriched with nitrification & urease inhibitors)

Fertislow Stabilure

Fertislow Smart Max 46-0-0 | Fertislow Smart Max 40-0-0(S)

Fertislow Smart Max 32-8-0(S)+Zn | Fertislow Smart Max 30-5-5(S)+Zn

Fertislow Smart Max 28-12-0(S)+TE | Fertislow Smart Max 25-6-10(S)+Zn

Fertislow Smart Max 24-10-0(S)+TE